Job Opening – Career Opportunity

Palm Tree Doctor is South Florida’s leading palm expert. We are currently looking for someone who has a love of palms and is in search of a steady job that may turn into a career. We have an opening for a field technician. Applicants should be interested in plants and palms, enjoy working outside in […]

Don’t trim your palms!

Don’t trim your palms!  Or at least don’t trim until the fronds are brown. DOWNLOAD THE PDF A question that we are frequently asked is whether or not palms in the landscape should be trimmed. The answer in almost all cases is NO! There are several reasons why this is not a good practice. Your palms […]

Palm Nutrition

                  Palms are one of South Florida’s signature symbols.  Nearly every home in South Florida has at least a few palms in its landscape.  Although several palms are native to Florida, the majority of palms that are planted here are not native.  Because of this and also […]

Palm Tree Doctor Hats are now Available.

Now available by popular demand, Palm Tree Doctor hats.  Washed Twill cap with adjustable back.  One size fits all but the largest noggin.  Embroidered with official Palm Tree Doctor logo on front.  Limited amount available.  $15 each if picked up.  $20 includes shipping and handling. Call the office at 954-946-3600 for more details.      […]


On January 23, 2014, Western Broward and Palm Beach Counties experienced temperatures in the upper 30s! Certain palm species, particularly coconut palms, are not able to tolerate the cold temperatures well.


For over two decades, Palm Tree Doctor has been a small, family-run business. Over the past twenty-three years, Palm Tree Doctor has become South Florida’s premier palm maintenance company.


Palms are incredible and unique plants. We believe that palms are at the top of the hierarchy in the plant kingdom. Here we present some interesting and little-known palm facts: Fossil records date palms back nearly 80 million years (late Crustaceous Period). There are 200+ genera and 2500+ species of palms worldwide. The Andean wax […]


Manganese deficiency (frizzle top): Manganese (Mn) deficiency is most common in queen, royal and roebelenii palms, though it can occur in many other palms. It manifests itself as deformed growth on the emerging fronds. The new growth will appear stunted, crinkled and curled at the tips. Mn deficiencies are more common in the western part […]


Surprisingly, less than 5 percent of the palm species planted in South Florida are native. Many of the nutrients palms need to develop and grow properly are not present in our soil. For this reason, palms need proper fertilization at consistent intervals. Palm Tree Doctor has developed a proprietary fertilization program that prevents malnutrition and […]